Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Trainer 1.02 +39 Free Download

Download Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Trainer 1.02 +39 For Free

A new dark fantasy Three Kingdoms action RPG from Team NINJA, the developers of Nioh.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Trainer Options

• Unlimited Health
• Unlimited Spirit
• Invisible Player
• Unlimited Consume in Inventory Dragon’s Cure Pots
• Unlimited Quick Use Dragon’s Cure Pots
• Super Damage
• Unlimited Ammo Arrows and Throwables
• Unlimited Use Consumables
• Game Speed
• Edit: Sen Ki
• Edit: Gold
• Edit: Bukun Accolades
• Edit: Amount
• Edit: Current Health
• Edit: Current Max Health
• Edit: Morale and Fortitude Rank
• Edit: Level
• Edit: Wood Virtue
• Edit: Fire Virtue
• Edit: Earth Virtue
• Edit: Metal Virtue
• Edit: Water Virtue
• Edit: Wood Wizardry Spell Points
• Edit: Fire Wizardry Spell Points
• Edit: Earth Wizardry Spell Points
• Edit: Metal Wizardry Spell Points
• Edit: Water Wizardry Spell Points
• Edit: Weight
• Edit: Defense
• Edit: Spirit Defense (Selected Armor Stat)
• Edit: Spirit Defense (Selected Weapon Stat)
• Edit: Physical Defense
• Edit: Wood Resistance
• Edit: Fire Resistance
• Edit: Earth Resistance
• Edit: Metal Resistance
• Edit: Water Resistance
• Edit: Base Attack
• Edit: Spirit Attack

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As a gamer, I have to say that the PC performance of this game can be utterly terrible at times, and it’s understandable why there are negative reviews. However, if you’re willing to overlook the performance issues and invest in a controller, then you’ll be rewarded with one of the most incredible gaming experiences out there. The combat system is incredibly responsive, and the weight of your weapons makes you feel like a true warrior. The game’s fast-paced action and well-crafted map design are truly impressive, and the way it rewards exploration is nothing short of phenomenal. Every new battle or hidden treasure you find is like a little victory, and it keeps you excited to keep playing. Sure, the PC port has its flaws, but in my case, they weren’t significant enough to make me want to smash my desk in frustration. Overall, this game is definitely worth a shot, as long as you’re willing to put up with some performance issues.

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