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If you’re a fan of the adrenaline-pumping, cooperative heist action of PAYDAY 3, you’re in for a treat. The much-anticipated sequel to one of the most beloved co-op shooters in gaming history has arrived, and it’s taking the gaming world by storm. To further elevate your heisting adventures, we’re introducing the PayDay 3 +28 Trainer – a free download that will supercharge your in-game capabilities and let you pull off heists like a pro.

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Updated: September 24, 2023
Distribution(s): STEAM
Compatibility: Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10, Win 11+
Downloaded: 29432 times

Rating:   (639)  

What Does the PayDay 3 +28 Trainer Offer?

The PayDay 3 +28 Trainer is a versatile tool designed to enhance your gameplay experience. Here’s a glimpse of what this trainer brings to the table:

  1. Infamy Points: Boost your status and reputation within the criminal underworld.
  2. Offshore Money: Get your hands on an abundance of offshore funds for your criminal activities.
  3. Skill Points: Add 1000 skill points to craft the perfect criminal mastermind.
  4. Experience Points (XP): Gain an instant XP boost of +500,000.
  5. Money: Increase your in-game funds to secure top-tier gear and weapons.
  6. Unlock Weapons, Masks, Mods, and Armor: Expand your arsenal and customize your character to your liking.
  7. Unlimited Health: Keep your character in peak condition, no matter the odds.
  8. Ammo: Never run out of bullets again.
  9. Instant Mask: Swiftly conceal your identity when the need arises.
  10. No Reload: Keep the bullets flying without worrying about reloading.
  11. Unlimited Equipment: Access your equipment without limitations.
  12. Special Items: Acquire unique items that can turn the tide of any heist.
  13. Instant Deployment: Get in and out of tight spots effortlessly.
  14. Fast Drill: Speed up drilling operations.
  15. No Jamming: Ensure your equipment functions flawlessly.
  16. Police Can’t Shoot: Give yourself the upper hand in encounters with law enforcement.
  17. No Alarm/No Police: Operate in stealth mode without attracting unwanted attention.
  18. Perfect Shot: Become a sharpshooter with impeccable aim.
  19. Unlock Colors, Materials, and Patterns: Customize your gear with style.
  20. Fast Carry: Move loot and equipment quickly and efficiently.
  21. Unlock All Items: Access all the game’s content without restrictions.

With the PayDay 3 +28 Trainer, you’ll be well-equipped to face any challenge the game throws at you. Whether you’re a seasoned heister or just starting out, this trainer adds a new dimension to your PAYDAY 3 experience.


While the PayDay 3 +28 Trainer offers an array of exciting features to enhance your gameplay, it’s essential to use it responsibly and within the bounds of the game’s terms of service. Cheating in online multiplayer modes can lead to account suspension or bans, so exercise caution and use the trainer in a responsible and ethical manner.

How to Download and Use the PayDay 3 +28 Trainer:

  1. Click the download link provided below.
  2. Follow the installation instructions to set up the trainer.
  3. Launch the trainer alongside the game.
  4. Activate the desired cheats and enjoy an enhanced PAYDAY 3 experience.

Download Trainer

Get ready to experience the thrill of pulling off the perfect heist like never before with the PayDay 3 +28 Trainer. Download it today and embark on your criminal journey with newfound power and style. Remember, it’s all in good fun – just make sure to keep it within the game’s boundaries. Happy heisting!

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