Outpost Infinity Trainer Trainer Cheats +30 – Infinite Resources, Unlimited Ammo, Max Player Health

Our Outpost Infinity Trainer +30 trainer is now available for free download. These Outpost Infinity Trainer cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.

Download Trainer

Command Mobile Outpost and take XEN Firearm to venture deep into the Signet surveillance off-limit area. Collect unique Weapon Units. Amp up the firepower of the Outpost that fights with you. This is an FTD game – FPS, Tower Defense, Base Building and much more all at the same time.

Trainer Instructions:
1. Launch the game.
2. Launch the trainer.
3. Activate desired cheats by pressing the corresponding buttons.

Trainer Options:
– F1: Infinite Resources
– F2: Instant Building/Upgrading
– F3: Max Outpost Health
– F4: Max Outpost Attack Power
– F5: Max Outpost Defense
– F6: Unlimited Ammo
– F7: Unlock All Protoslag Attributes
– F8: One-Hit Kill
– F9: Unlock All Maps
– F10: Unlock All Difficulty Levels
– F11: Max Loot & Farm Yield
– F12: Co-op Mode God Mode
– Numpad 1: Co-op Mode Infinite Ammo
– Numpad 2: Co-op Mode Instant Revive
– Numpad 3: Co-op Mode Enhanced Support
– Numpad 4: Stealth Mode
– Numpad 5: Super Speed
– Numpad 6: Super Jump
– Numpad 7: No Clip (Walk Through Walls)
– Numpad 8: Freeze Enemies
– Numpad 9: Teleport to Waypoint
– Numpad 0: Unlimited Energy
– Insert: Max Player Health
– Home: Max Player Armor
– Page Up: Max Player Stamina
– Delete: Instant Skill Cooldown
– End: Max Skill Levels
– Page Down: Unlock All Skills
– Pause/Break: Unlock All Achievements
– Backspace: Customizable Cheats


Download Trainer


Infinite Resources: Obtain unlimited resources such as materials, ammunition, and energy to build and upgrade your outpost units without any limitations.

Instant Building/Upgrading: Speed up the process of constructing and upgrading outpost units to instantly strengthen your defenses and firepower.

Max Outpost Health: Maximize the health of your outpost, ensuring its durability and resilience against enemy attacks.

Max Outpost Attack Power: Boost the attack power of your outpost, allowing it to deal maximum damage to incoming enemies.

Max Outpost Defense: Enhance the defense capabilities of your outpost, making it more resistant to enemy assaults.

Unlimited Ammo: Never run out of ammunition for your XEN Firearm, allowing you to continuously unleash powerful attacks on incoming enemies.

Unlock All Protoslag Attributes: Gain access to all protoslag attributes for your XEN Firearm, allowing you to experiment with different combinations to maximize its potential.

One-Hit Kill: Instantly eliminate enemies with a single shot from your XEN Firearm, making it easier to clear out waves of monsters and complete missions.

Unlock All Maps: Access all maps in the exploration mode, providing you with a variety of environments to explore and conquer.

Unlock All Difficulty Levels: Unlock all difficulty levels in the exploration mode, offering you a range of challenges to test your skills.

Max Loot & Farm Yield: Increase the yield of loot and resources obtained from exploration missions, allowing you to gather valuable items more efficiently.

Co-op Mode God Mode: Activate invincibility in co-op modes, making you and your allies impervious to damage from enemies.

Co-op Mode Infinite Ammo: Provide unlimited ammunition to all players in co-op modes, ensuring continuous firepower against enemy forces.

Co-op Mode Instant Revive: Revive fallen allies instantly in co-op modes, allowing your team to maintain full strength during intense battles.

Co-op Mode Enhanced Support: Provide enhanced support abilities to all players in co-op modes, such as healing or buffing effects.

Stealth Mode: Stay undetected by enemies, allowing you to explore off-limit areas and gather resources without risking encounters with hostile forces.

Super Speed: Increase your movement speed, allowing you to traverse the game world swiftly and efficiently.

Super Jump: Perform superhuman jumps, reaching heights and distances beyond normal capabilities.

No Clip (Walk Through Walls): Pass through obstacles and barriers effortlessly, granting you access to restricted areas and hidden secrets.

Freeze Enemies: Temporarily immobilize enemies, giving you the upper hand in combat situations.

Teleport to Waypoint: Instantly teleport to any chosen location on the map, facilitating quick travel and strategic positioning.

Unlimited Energy: Maintain a constant supply of energy for your outpost units, ensuring continuous operation and functionality.

Max Player Health: Maximize your character’s health pool, increasing your survivability in combat situations.

Max Player Armor: Boost your character’s armor rating, reducing incoming damage from enemy attacks.

Max Player Stamina: Increase your character’s stamina, allowing for longer periods of sprinting and physical exertion.

Instant Skill Cooldown: Eliminate cooldown periods for your character’s abilities, allowing you to use them repeatedly without delay.

Max Skill Levels: Maximize the level of all your character’s skills, unlocking their full potential and effectiveness.

Unlock All Skills: Gain access to all available skills for your character, providing you with a wide range of abilities to customize your playstyle.

Unlock All Achievements: Unlock all in-game achievements, showcasing your mastery of the game’s challenges and objectives.

Customizable Cheats: Tailor the cheats according to your preferences, allowing you to adjust parameters such as resource quantities, enemy difficulty, and outpost stats to suit your gameplay style.


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